Accelerate time to value

At TipTop, we understand that organizations only undertake an ERP implementation to achieve significant results. The primary drivers of an Oracle Cloud ERP implementation include operational efficiency, digital transformation and/or business growth. We work with organizations to help them accelerate achievement of these outcomes through streamlined implementations.

Operational Efficiency

Oracle Cloud ERP provides an alternative when your legacy system is no longer supported, requires upgrades, or can’t support new business models. In addition to integrating and streamlining all aspects of your business, advanced analytics continually monitor operational performance and provide actionable insight for continuous improvement.

Digital Transformation

The changing nature of work requires a level of collaboration and ease that on-premise solutions can’t deliver. To support employees in the digital world, Oracle Cloud ERP provides a single source of truth, drives efficient business processes and supports a mobile workforce with collaborative tools.

Business Growth

Organizations ready to manage acquisitions, divestitures, new markets, customer growth or IPO preparations need the flexibility of a proven business management solution. Oracle Cloud ERP provides the data foundation to model all opportunities plus support the processes and controls that will stand up to increased regulatory scrutiny.

Focus on delivering value quickly

At TipTop, we’ve been implementing Oracle ERP for over 30 years. The most important lesson gained through years of expertise is the project must be focused on delivering value to the organization quickly and iteratively.

We use a value-based implementation methodology, designed to rapidly deliver the full value of Oracle to your organization. We combine industry best practices and proven best practice business flows to ensure a streamlined implementation at the lowest cost. We work with you to minimize the need for customizations by using out-of-the-box functionality whenever possible.

Our value-based implementation methodology consists of four phases:

1) Prepare—Project planning, introduction of Oracle functionality, modifying our best practice business flows to your organization, and requirements gathering for software configuration.

2) Configure—Application configuration as well as design and development of reports, interfaces, conversions and extensions. Conference Room Pilots validate the solution and facilitate knowledge transfer.

3) Validate—Further knowledge transfer and confirmation that the configured Oracle solution meets your organizations needs and functions as expected.

4) Deploy—Production setup, training and cutover.


We promote the adoption of application-inherent best practices and a sprint-based approach so Oracle ERP is quickly an enabler for your business.

Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning

Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP was built for flexibility, making it the right solution to help your organization adapt to new business models and support changing workforce requirements. Providing a unified solution to manage finance, HR, supply chain and customer experience, Oracle Cloud’s application suite delivers value from the start.

Oracle Enterprise Performance Management

Oracle Fusion Cloud Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) empowers leaders and managers to make better decisions by modeling and planning across finance, HR, supply chain and sales. By managing and aligning master data across EPM and other solutions, your organization can close faster and deliver deep analytic data profitability and cost management.

Oracle Supply Chain and Manufacturing

Oracle Cloud SCM supports agile planning and unified supply chain management to help you respond proactively to changing markets and innovation. Connected sales, service and supply chain capabilities will help you stay ahead of changing demand. Drive manufacturing efficiency with automation, integrated processes and applied advanced technologies—including AI and machine learning.

Oracle Human Capital Management

Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management connects the human resource process from hire to retire—including global HR, talent management, workforce management and payroll. Connected across the enterprise, Oracle HCM enables one source of truth to improve decision-making and support your workforce of the future.

Oracle Customer Experience (CX)

Oracle Fusion Cloud CX unifies your back-office systems with your front-office applications to ensure full customer focus for your business. Oracle Cloud CX helps you build relevant, personalized experiences by tracking everything you know about your customers in one place.

Oracle Data Cloud

Oracle Data Cloud solutions allow marketers to not only identify relevant audiences online, but to dig deeper into how they are interacting with your brand. Use data to understand how your audiences are engaging with content and the ROI of campaigns.

Expert Oracle ERP Implementation 

Work with an experienced team who will streamline the implementation process so you can start maximizing value faster.