A Patient Centric Experience

As healthcare providers are under increasing pressure to reduce costs, they are being challenged to improve patient engagement, quality and satisfaction while absorbing additional costs to comply with U.S. government mandates. Implementing the government’s meaningful use of electronic health records (EHR), improving patient information access, accountable care will bring long term benefits to the patient and the industry, yet they can be costly and painful to implement in the short term.

TipTop, in partnership with Oracle, can help ease the pain by providing a phased strategy to implement solutions that streamline processes, optimize resource utilization and provide continual analytics with insight to ongoing improvement opportunities.

Oracle In the Healthcare Provider Industry

  • Maximizes efficiency and reduces costs with secure, efficient business processes for service-line profitability, analytics, and planning and oversight
  • Eliminates information gaps and improves the quality and continuity of care by seamlessly integrating information and processes
  • Effectively manages both corporate and clinical risk and reduces maintenance costs by enhancing compliance with national and local regulations
  • Actively manages long term condition patients to improve health awareness and patient satisfaction and enable population-based health initiatives
  • Delivers an integrated view of clinical, operational, and financial data
  • Improves quality of care and clinical outcomes through enterprise analytics

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