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Cloud Assessment

Oracle Cloud ERP is a mature solution supporting all types of industries and organizations.  Evaluating the move to Cloud from a legacy on premise solution, like JD Edwards and E-Business Suite, requires careful consideration.  TipTop brings together expertise in legacy applications, cloud infrastructure and Oracle Cloud ERP that can help your organization plot its cloud journey. 

TipTop’s complimentary Cloud Assessment includes a review of your future business direction in conjunction with your current application footprint, support, and infrastructure costs.  The result is a business case and cloud adoption plan that will plot your cloud journey.  The assessment will evaluate options such as ‘lifting and shifting’ your current application infrastructure or implementing Cloud ERP as a single or multi-step process.  TipTop’s Cloud Assessment will help your organization feel confident adopting the cloud. 

Application Assessment

The world is rapidly changing and your ERP solution should be leading the way, not holding you back.  Oracle is designed to help you quickly adapt to new business models and processes to meet change head on. Consistently rated as the ERP leader for flexibility, ease of use and continuous innovation, Oracle empowers your people to work proactively.  TipTop helps organizations like yours make the most of Oracle Cloud and on-premise solutions.

 Starting with a complimentary application ‘health check’, you will receive honest, impartial advice to help you determine if your existing Oracle applications are delivering the optimum value to your organization. We’ll help you match evolving business models, changing workforce needs and new processes with the latest
functionality available from Oracle.

 Our practioners bring decades of Oracle E-Business Suite experience and Oracle Cloud expertise dating back to the product’s initial release.  We also know and support solutions like Eloqua, Endeca, ATG, Right Now and Taleo, providing you with a single trusted partner to optimize your entire Oracle solution ecosystem.

Technology Assessment

Cloud infrastructure continues to challenge the business case of self-hosting Oracle E-Business Suite and JD Edwards. Many organizations have delayed their move to Cloud ERP and instead ‘lifted and shifted’ their existing application footprint to Cloud Infrastructure. A TipTop assessment of your current or planned infrastructure needs along with cloud costs and capabilities will prove or disprove if your organization should move to Cloud Infrastructure.

The technology assessment will include:
  • Current environment overview
  • Server and workstation review
  • Database and table sizing
  • 3rd party product reviews
  • Hardware and software compatibility
  • New release overview
  • Proposed environments
  • Technical procedures
  • Technical training plans
  • Production support methodologies
  • Identity management and security

Performance Assessment

As remote working becomes the norm, the performance of your Oracle solution stack becomes critical to maintain the organization’s overall productivity. The TipTop team can help you take a proactive approach to ensure that your production databases are optimized and that you can quickly diagnose bottlenecks.

TipTop’s team of database administrators (DBAs) can proactively detect and resolve scalability and performance issues threatening productivity. By establishing benchmarks for the load and throughput for each database, we can monitor activity to ensure the highest possible level of performance. Our DBAs perform both real-time and historical analysis to uncover problems and determine the best course of action to ensure operational integrity and avoid end-user slowdowns.

Business Process Improvement

Traditional business models continue to be disrupted by new and innovative companies. Your business processes need to deliver operational efficiency across time and location. The TipTop team has deep experience helping organizations overcome social, organizational and technical barriers to improve the productivity of workforces in every industry. We’ll work with your teams to understand business requirements and design efficient processes, at the most effective cost points to optimize productivity and enable the smooth flow of information.

Through an established three step framework for process maturity, we enable leaders and workforce to drive future performance and “Raise the Bar” of operational excellence.

1) Assessment. We will provide a report card across key business areas by conducting in-depth up-front interviews, data collection and analysis.

2) Planning. We facilitate executive level prioritization and create a detailed project definition for one of the business-critical initiatives. This will include an implementation plan, resource model, technology plan and investment summary.

3) Measurement. Included is a SaaS platform with a library of predefined analytics and the easy-to-use Edge Integrator, used to collect raw data from customer source systems and transform this into an actionable dashboard for ongoing performance management and measurement.

Oracle License Assessment Process

When it comes to licensing, experience is critical to getting it right. At TipTop, we have decades of experience navigating the complexities of licensing to ensure our clients pay the lowest possible amount for the exact licensing they need. We take the time to understand how your licenses need to be deployed within your organization and match them to the best combination of entitlement rights.

Through TipTop’s Oracle License Assessment (OLA) service, our experts evaluate the balance between your licensing assets to your business requirements today and for the future. We review your cloud, on-site and hybrid strategies as well as the impact of mergers and acquisitions to provide a detailed analysis and recommendations to optimize your Oracle licensing.

Realize the full value of Oracle

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